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How is Hospice of Salina Funded?

Hospice of Salina, a not-for-profit, community based hospice care provider, is funded through insurance reimbursement and donations. Donations underwrite programs that are not reimbursed and make it possible for Hospice of Salina to care for patients who have no way of paying for their care.

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare, working with Hospice providers, began paying for Hospice care in the early 1980's. They were first to recognize the benefits of Hospice care and believed it should be reimbursed. The Medicare Hospice benefit provides for the following services:

The Kansas Medical Assistance Program, or Medicaid, provides a benefit that is identical to that of Medicare.

For patients insured by Medicare and Medicaid, all costs related to the terminal illness for which the patient was admitted to Hospice of Salina care are covered. Other health care needs are still covered by traditional Medicare and Medicaid. No bill will be sent to a patient or family by Hospice of Salina for the Hospice services a patient receives under either the Medicare or Medicaid Hospice benefit.

Private Insurance

Many private insurance companies now provide a benefit for Hospice as does Medicare and Medicaid. Be sure to read your insurance policy carefully to determine whether or not you have a Hospice care benefit. The patient's family will be responsible for any deductibles and co-insurance that are applied to the Hospice of Salina bill.

If you are unsure if your health insurance policy includes a Hospice benefit, ask your insurer; our social worker and billing clerk will work with you to find information. Call our office at (785) 825-1717 for assistance.

Patient Responsibility

Co-payments and deductibles are the responsibility of the patient. Patients who do not have the financial means initially can pay with trust monies, life insurance policies, etc. If payment of charges not covered by insurance are a hardship for the patient and family, staff will assist you with a financial application.

Co-payments and deductibles can be paid at the office using a credit card.

No one is denied access to Hospice of Salina care because of lack of insurance or inability to pay for care.

You Can Make a Difference

Many people who support our mission say they derive great satisfaction from their generosity and would like to do more. We can suggest creative ways to support us that you might not have considered. If you are interested in any of these ideas, please feel free to call us to discuss them in greater detail. It is now possible to make charitable contributions to hospice using a credit card.

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