Additional Resources

These videos have been reviewed by our Bereavement Support Team and are listed here as suggestions in no particular order. Hearing how others experience grief can bring us feelings of empathy and connection, which help us realize we are not alone.

“Acknowledging the Potential of Holiday Blues: Practical Tips to Survive & Thrive”
Center for Loss & Life Transition (16 min.)

“Children’s Understanding of Death at Different Ages”
Child Bereavement UK (4 min., 47 sec.)

“Coping with Big Feelings”
Sesame Street in Communities (59 sec.)

“Grief is Good"
Joe Primo, TEDxAsburyPark, TEDx (9 min., 4 sec.)

“Helping Yourself Heal When Someone Dies, Dr. Ala D. Wolfelt”
Center for Loss & Life Transition (17 min., 2 sec.)

“How do you help a grieving friend?”
Megan Devine (3 min., 59 sec.)

“How Grief Affects Your Brain and What to Do About It”
NBC news (3 min., 22 sec.)

“How Grief Feels"
Robbie Stamp, TEDxLondon (6 min., 54 sec.)

“How to Talk About Death and Grief with Someone Who Has a Learning Disability”
Surrey and Borders Partnership, NHS Trust (8 min., 40 sec.)

“It’s Time We Reframe Grief for Children”
Kate Atwood, TEDxBigSky (18 min., 35 sec.)

“Leave Your Light On; Compassion in a Time of Grief"
Michael Tesalona, TEDxJerseyCity (13 min., 26 sec.)

“Looking at the Other Side of Grief"
May Jones, TEDxGreatHillsWomen (8 min., 39 sec.)

“Make Peace with Your Grief and Watch Where It Leads You"
Susan McCorkindale, TEDxTysons (11 min., 44 sec.)

“Managing Feelings After Somebody Has Died”
Surrey and Borders Partnership, NHS Trust (2 min., 36 sec.)

“Managing Grief on Holidays and Special Days, What’s Your Grief"
Includes a journaling exercise at the end (3 min., 22 sec.)

“One More Minute"
A Guide to Supporting Someone who is Bereaved, Child Bereavement UK (2 min., 20 sec.)

“Supporting a Bereaved Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder”
Child Bereavement UK (3 min., 19 sec.)

“The 6 Needs of Mourning”
Funeral Basics, Alan Wolfelt (3 min., 20 sec.)

“What Grief Has Taught Me About Empathy and Supporting Others"
Andie Huff. TEDxYouth@Conejo (7 min., 56 sec.)

If you would like to suggest a video to add to this list, please email a link and brief description of the video to – please write “Video Suggestion” or something similar in the subject line.