Hospice of Salina receives phone calls from many sources to request service:

• Patient
• Family of a patient
• Friend of a patient
• Other healthcare providers such as:
- Physician offices
- Hospitals
- Nursing homes
- Assisted living facilities
- Home health agencies
- Other providers

Hospice staff is happy to provide consultations once the following admission process has been initiated.

Admission Process

The patient's physician must order a referral to Hospice of Salina.

1. Once we receive a referral, we contact the patient and/or family/caregiver to schedule an appointment to meet with them and explain our services.

2. We assess the patient for eligibility.

3. The patient is assessed and admitted to hospice service.

4. The Hospice staff will ask the physician’s office for the following information:

5. Once admitted the hospice interdisciplinary team will complete a comprehensive assessment of the patient/family needs. Our hospice interdisciplinary team will then develop a plan of care specific to the individual needs of each patient/family.

If you have any questions about our services or our facility please call us at 785-825-1717 or 800-811-7660.

Admission Criteria

Learn more about the admission criteria for Hospice of Salina, click here.

Financial Obligations

Learn more about the financial obligations for patients of Hospice of Salina, click here.

Patient Bill of Rights