Our grief support groups include support for adults and youths. Depending on the need, the groups and individual grief support sessions run throughout the year or as needed depending on demand. If you or a family member have lost a loved one and that loved one was on service with us, please contact us for more information.

Common reactions to loss include:

If you are concerned about any of these reactions, please contact our bereavement counselor.

The Impact of Grief on the Family

Every person's grief is a unique and personal experience. No two people in the same family will grieve in the same manner. There is no "right" way to grieve. Each member of the family is entitled to their own feelings, even if they are different from the feelings of others in the family. Grief is an all-consuming experience. It is often hard to see past our own pain.

Family members must remember that EVERYONE is hurting. All family members should be encouraged to seek support. Many times this support will come from persons outside of the family.

Special care should be paid to the needs of children when someone in the family is ill or dies. They grieve differently than adults and should be given permission to grieve as kids.

Our loved ones fill many different roles within the family. Some of these roles are obvious such as spouse, parent and sibling. Other roles such as, peacemaker, organizer of family gatherings, family problem-solver, Mr. Fix-it, etc. are not so obvious. When someone dies we lose the contributions they made to the family through their various roles. Many times a "vacuum" may exist while the family attempts to re-organize without this person. This may require extra patience and understanding on everyone's part.

Help a Grieving Friend

Below are suggestions for helping a friend who is grieving.

Most of us feel awkward around pain or suffering. That too is normal. Know that as you share moments of pain with your relatives and friends, you will eventually share moments of joy.


Hospice of Salina Bereavement programs will help you understand the grief you and others may feel after a death - whether sudden or anticipated.

We have many different bereavement programs to assist all ages of individuals and groups with healthy grieving and mourning. Our Bereavement Programs are available to anyone who has experienced the death of the loved one on our services.

Some of our groups include:

Call us at 785-825-1717 or 800-811-7660 for more information about our bereavement and grief groups throughout the year.