Hospice of Salina receives phone calls from many sources to request service: patients, their family or friends, other healthcare providers such as physician offices, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health and other providers. The physicians must order a referral to Hospice of Salina. Once we receive a referral, we contact the patient and/or family/caregiver to schedule an appointment to meet with them and explain our services. We assess the patient for eligibility. Once the patient is assessed and the Hospice staff will also ask the physician's office and/or the family for the following information:

Helpful Forms

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about our services or our facility please call us
Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
at 785-825-1717 or 800-811-7660

After hours, call 785-452-7000; please ask for the Nurse On-Call.

Physicians who are considering a hospice referral but are unsure of prognosis may, if the patient agrees, consult Hospice of Salina for an opinion about hospice eligibility. If a patient is not eligible for hospices care other recommendations for other care may be made.

At the time of admission, the hospice interdisciplinary team will complete a comprehensive assessment of the patient/family needs. Our hospice interdisciplinary team will then develop a plan of care specific to the individual needs of each patient/family.


Patients who live in the 4 county Hospice of Salina service area are eligible for admission if:

1. They have approximately 6 months or less to live if the disease progresses as expected.
2. They are no longer undergoing curative therapies for the terminal diagnosis (Disease-Specific Admission Criteria for Doctors only)
3. Their physician certifies them as terminally ill with a prognosis of 6 months or less if the disease runs its normal course.
4. In most cases a team member can respond within 24 hours of referral to begin the admission process.
5. Hospice of Salina does not require a DNR to be on service but ideally would like one signed by each patient on service.


Our Mission
Entrusted with people's lives, we are committed to providing high
quality medical and comfort care for persons and their families
addressing end of life issues.

Hospice is a special concept of comfort care designed to support the many different dimensions of life – Physical, Spiritual, Psychological, Interpersonal and Emotional. For those facing an advanced illness, whether the patient has hours, days or months to live.

Hospice of Salina transforms the end-of–life experience by providing care based upon the unique values, wishes, needs and end of life goals of each patient and family.

"Hospice of Salina strives to know people for who they have always been, not the patients they have become."


DOCTORS: As the attending physician nothing will change with your billing. You will continue to bill Medicare Part B for your services as you always have. You will continue to collect the deductible and co-pay from the patient for your services. For services unrelated to the hospice diagnosis.

Note: For necessary care related to the hospice diagnosis, the attending physician may bill Medicare Part B for evaluation and management (E and M) services with the code GV. Medicare will not cover ancillary costs such as laboratory and radiology costs. E and M services provided by the attending physician but not related to the hospice diagnosis are covered when billed to Medicare Part B with the code GW.

How Is Hospice of Salina Paid

Reimbursement is per diem for any level of care a patient may receive, including the personal services of a nurse, home health aide, social worker and spiritual counseling: Coverage includes all medications for comfort care and treatment of the hospice diagnosis, durable medical equipment (DME) such as beds, wheelchairs and oxygen. The medical director may provide medical consults but is not mandated.

Payments for service depend on the patients insurance. Medicare, Medicaid and the VA are accepted along with many other private insurance carriers. The patient should check with their insurance carrier if they have questions or call the billing department of Hospice of Salina for a consult. Also important to remember there are different levels of service (Routine Care or Residential Care, Continuous Care, General Inpatient and Respite Care.)

The following care levels are covered under the following coverage.

  Medicare/VA Medicaid Private Ins


Yes Yes Case by case

GIP (General In Patient)

Yes Yes Case by case


Yes Yes Most ****
Continues Care Yes Yes Case by case
**** Check with your insurance if you have questions about Hospice coverage.

Respite care is covered under Medicare. Ask your nurse how Hospice of Salina can provide services.

Again check with Hospice or the patient's insurance coverage. FOR ALL LEVELS OF CARE click on THE SERVICES TAB ON OUR MAIN PAGE.

The hospice pays the medical director and other employed providers from the per diem reimbursement and may pay additionally for necessary clinical encounters for which hospice, not the physician, bills Medicare.


There are many options in our community for home health, assisted living and hospice services. It is important to know what services the patient will receive and what is covered at the time service begins. Always check out the options before committing to any one provider.

  Hospice benefit Home Health Benefit
Visiting Nurse Covered Only if patient is homebound and has teachable caregiver in home
Nursing Aides Covered Covered
Psychosocial Svcs Covered Not available
Spiritual Services Covered Not covered
Medications related to Hospice diagnosis Covered Not available
Volunteers Covered Not available
Medical Equipment Covered
No copay or deductible
Covered 80% under Medicare Part B
Must qualified.
Respite Care Covered** Not covered
Inpatient Care Covered for (GIP) or acute symptom mgmt** Not available
Oxygen Covered 100% no copay or deductible Covered under Medicare Part B.
Co pays and deduct apply
Physician Services Hospice Physicians 100%
Attending Physicians 80%
Physicians 80% of approved charges under Medicare Part B
Bereavement Services Covered/Available up to 13 months
after patient has passed
Not available
** Ask your nurse for more details.


Who provides the direct care: - Licensed nurses, home health aides, master's level social workers, spiritual and bereavement counselors and volunteers are all active in the care of the patient. Hospice's medical director is available for consultations and liaison with attending and consulting physicians. Our medical director is directly involved at the patient level and meets with the patient and family when needed.

We also consult a local pharmacist to provide consultation in regard to medications for patients when needed.

The hospice medical director provides administrative and educational services to the hospice and attends the (IDT) Interdisciplinary team meetings every week as the required physician member. The director or another designated physician employed by the hospice must attest to each patient's eligibility for hospice at each recertification period. The first two certification periods after start of service are 90 days each and subsequently 60 days afterwards. Each patient is assessed after receiving hospice service for a period of 6 months. The physician must do a face-to-face encounter with the patient prior to the 6 month period expiration. This allows the patient when recertified to remain on service for an extended period of time.

Hospice of Salina often contracts with other local and statewide physicians to provide clinical and other services such as management of implanted opioid reservoirs and deactivation of defibrillators.

Conclusion: Hospice of Salina is a treatment choice for comfort care designed to support the many different dimensions of life – physical, spiritual, psychological, interpersonal and emotional - for those facing and advanced illness whether the patient has hours, days or months to live.

We transform the end-of-life experience by providing care based upon the unique values, wishes, needs and end of life goals of each patient and family.