Hospice Disease-Specific Admission Criteria

The Kaye Pogue Hospice Center Advantage

Hospice of Salina is the only hospice care organization in Salina that can offer quality choices to your patients. The Kaye Pogue Hospice Center was designed with the patient and family in mind, to present a warm and soothing homelike environment to patients and family members. At the Kaye Pogue Hospice Center, we provide three levels of care:

General Inpatient Care

General Inpatient Care (GIP) service is made available to all hospice patients who are in need of pain control or symptom management that cannot be provided in any other setting. Once the patient's symptoms and pain are stabilized, he/she must return to the residential or routine care, regardless of location (home, NH/ALF, or KPHC). GIP is 100% covered by the Medicare Hospice Benefit.

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Inpatient Respite Care

If a patient's family is the primary source of care and cannot meet the patient's needs due to caregiver stress or other extenuating circumstances, a patient may temporarily be admitted to an inpatient environment to give the family a needed break or respite. Respite care is limited to five consecutive days at a time. Once that period expires, the patient would be discharged back to home. Respite care is 100% covered by the Medicare Hospice Benefit.

Residential Care or Routine Care

Residential care provides hospice patients a place to live that provides 24-hour care, similar to nursing home residency. Hospice of Salina does not make it a practice to move current home care patients residing in their home or another facility to the inpatient facility unless it is the patient/family's request. Room and board is the responsibility of the patient/family. The Medicare Hospice benefit continues to cover for Hospice services.

Table of Contents

APPENDIX 1 - NYHA Functional Classifications
APPENDIX 2 - Palliative Performance Scale
APPENDIX 3 - Functional Assessment Staging
APPENDIX 4 - Admission & Recertification Evaluation
   includes: Karnofsky Scale, Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Scale, Descriptive Scale

Referral Admission Criteria

Patients who live in the 4 county Hospice of Salina service area, are eligible for admission if:

1. They have approximately 6 months or less to live if the disease progresses as expected.
2. They are no longer undergoing curative therapies for the terminal diagnosis.
3. Their physician certifies them as terminally ill with a prognosis of 6 months or less if the disease runs its normal course.
4. In most cases a team member can respond within 24 hours of referral to begin the admission process.
5. Hospice of Salina does not require a DNR to be on service but ideally would like one signed by each patient on service.

Hospice of Salina recognizes that end-of-life conversations can be difficult. Upon your request, we can provide palliative consultations.

Our goal is to serve your patients with excellence. We offer an exceptional hospice care experience making the transition easier for you and your patients. Hospice of Salina utilizes the interdisciplinary approach supporting the patient and family to ensure a quality end-of-life experience.

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