A serious illness in the family can make it hard to do everyday chores, especially as the illness progresses. The volunteers at Hospice of Salina offer the special gift of unselfish service for people in need and to the community they serve. Volunteers do not need any certifications or experience; they simply need a desire to serve.

Our volunteers offer a multitude of services including:

  • Staying with patient when the spouse or primary caregiver is away
  • Converse and reminisce with the patient and family
  • Read aloud anything the patient wishes to hear
  • Write letters as the patient dictates
  • Simply "be there" to respond to the patients request
  • Administrative office work
  • Fundraising activities

Becoming a Volunteer:

Becoming a volunteer can be a one hour commitment per month or a ten hour a week commitment. It doesn't matter if you can give a lot or a little; we are always looking for the right people. All volunteers are required to fill out an application and consent to a background check. Once the application and background check consent are received, the volunteer coordinator will call the prospective volunteer and schedule an interview.

Please fill out, sign and fax or email your application and consent to background check to:

Julia D'Albini
Volunteer Coordinator
Fax: 785.825.4949